แอพ Ultrakam ทำให้ iPhone ถ่ายวิดีโอ 2K ได้!

Ultrakam เป็นแอพใหม่ที่จะทำให้ iPhone ของคุณสามารถถ่ายวิดีโอความละเอียด 2K (2240 x 1672), ไทม์แลปส์ และสโลวโมชั่นได้! รายการคุณสมบัติต่างๆ อยู่ด้านล่างครับ

-2K (1936×1446) with M-JPEG codec at 20,24,30fps.
-2K (2240×1672) with H.264 iFrame codec at 20,24,30fps.
-Up to 50MB/s video stream .
-Record full frames in M-JPEG at 100% quality.
-Capture all the color range at 4:2:0 Full range
-2CH Linear PCM Audio 44.1K in .CAF format

-2K (2592×1936) with M-JPEG or H.264 iFrame codec.
-Configurate any custom 1 second interval up to 59:59
-Select playback speed from 6, 12, 24 and 30 fps.
-Shot and remaining time indicator.

Slow Motion
-Maximum available res of 1280×720 up to 120fps.
-Automatically convert to 12, 24 or 30fps to generate up to 10x slow motion effect
-Optionally record at the maximum speed for future processing.

White Balance, Focus & Exposure.
-Independent Focus and Exposure interest areas.
-Independent Focus and Exposure lock
-Automatic smooth rack-focus during recording.
-Familiar hold to adjust White Balance mode.

Gallery and 2K Player.
-Independent gallery to keep files organized
-Our custom player creates an AV preview composition for you at 2K
-The player supports any M-JPEG and H.264 iFrame resolution.
– Playback and audio sync as reference. It may drop frames due the heavy size of the files.
– You can export proxy version to the photo library.

Space saving.
-Easily record at proxy resolutions of 90%, 75%, 50% to save space.
-Adjust quality at 60% to disable iFrame and record mobile H.264 video.

-Remote control recording via web (from any phone or laptop)
-HD Free space indicator.
-Drop frames alert.

-Files available through iTunes File Sharing or
-Access them via local WiFi using the phone as a website.

Photo and Color Correction export.
-Easily extract static frames and export them to Cinekolor app.
-Design Color Looks in Cinekolor and then export them as 3D LUTs to any high end software like After Effects, Scratch, Lustre, Nuke or Photoshop.

-Automatic slate capture as reference frame at time zero.
-Audio/Video streams recorded separately for better performance

Latest additions:
-Support for Ultrakam’s Remote Control using Bluetooth Low Energy.
-Easy presets for the Settings: XQ, HQ, MQ, LQ and Web
-Ability to render movie proxies in the player’s gallery.
-Now you can play video in the web gallery (if a proxy was created before).

*The modes expressed are available in the iPhone 5S only. Each device offers different configurations. We recommend iPhone 5S or iPhone5 to take the maximum experience.
*Slow Motion available only in last generation hardware.
**As with high end cameras, 2K recordings are tough to playback, so you may need to use the “Render Proxy” function in the player to create a more playable version

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